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E-Gift Cards

Yes, We do e-gift cards, perfect gift for the Art lover in your life. 

Most classes are $35.00 (kids are $20.00), Currently we do need to do the gift certificate needs to be for the exact amount of the class, $35 adults & $20 for kids (ask about macrame and other craft projects.) 

Fill out the form on the left, let me know How many e-gift card, I will send you an invoice, once paid I will type up the gift certificate and email it to you, you can print it out or email the gift.  You also can print out this months calendar.  

I do teach classes most night, I'm able to work on your invoice and e-gift card 10 am - 4 pm, if you need the e-gift card ASAP, please give me a call if outside my office hours. 
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