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About Amanda Happel

I've never considered myself an artist, I loved to make crafts, knit, sew and cook.  Then one day, I was asked to take over as studio manager at The CreARTivity Studio.  Once there I also took over the Cork & Canvas painting classes, they ended up being a big hit for the Studio.  I started with some pre-printed directions of designs, then as I started to get more comfortable, I created my own designs.


Someone suggested me for a new Cork & Canvas Kirkwood College class, they booked me from the studio, fast-forward to the end of 2013, The CreARTivity Studio closes, and I started Cork N Canvas Iowa.  With in 6 months of starting Cork n Canvas Iowa, I quit my job and made teaching painting my full time job. 


I don't have a studio to paint in, I'm like a gypsys I travel to you.   No space at home for a party, let me know together we can find the perfect location for you.  Or if you know of a great location, let me know!

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