Cork n Canvas Iowa panting classes  are a wonderful opportunity for restaurants, bars, hotels, and other entertainment venues. We offer 2 to 3 hour, step by step instructed painting classes in which customers are encouraged to drink and socialize. By partnering with us you will enjoy the benefit of 15 to 45 additional paying customers to supplement your sales on slower nights of the week. And the best part is there is no cost to you, it is a Win-Win.


Not only do you benefit from the additional sales, but also the marketing opportunities; including listing the venue on our website, tags through our social media, and of course the benefit of massive exposure by bringing thousands of new people to your venue throughout the year. We also supply marketing supplies upon request, post the event on your website, social media and put up posters of the event if you would like to promote our events to your regular customers.

How it works:

Our staff arrives about 1 hour prior to each scheduled event for set up. We supply all necessary materials for painting. We only ask that the tables and chairs are set up appropriately upon arrival. We will be sure to work closely with you to arrange the space to maximize the amount of customers we can accommodate, prior to the first event.


Our events run approximately 2 to 3 hours long. Customers will begin arriving 15-30 minutes prior to event start time and will by finished about 2 to 3 hrs later. We will need an additional 30-45 minutes after for clean up. Altogether we will be utilizing your space for about 5-1/2 to 6 hours.  We use an acrylic paint, this paint comes right off hard surfaces, but can stain cloth. Some white tables can be stained by paint, soft scub with bleach helps, or having disposable table covers will also work, if feel those work better for you. 


What We Are Looking For:

Once we review your application, we will schedule a time to visit your space and evaluate whether or not it will be a good fit for our events.  A few things we will be looking for in a venue for our events will be:

• Location: Cork N Canvas Iowa travels around an hour drive from Cedar Rapids, IA but some exceptions can be discussed. 

Space (See setup photos below): The first question is, is there enough space for a Cork n Canvas Iowa class. We will need table and chair space for 20 to 35 people, with an additional table for the artist to teach from (please see photos below for layout). Due to unpredictable weather & wind, the events can not be held outside.

Noise LevelsA private room or event space works the best for our events. Additional noise from regular business will interfere with our events and our instruction may disturb your regular customers as well. It is best to separate the two if possible.

• Adjustable Furniture: It is best if we can move and manipulate the furniture in the space to fit our needs. Fixed booths and columns tend to cause problems with space planning and visuals of the artist. Buffet tables work the best, but are not required. I do no supply tables and chairs, the location will need to provide them. 

• Appropriate Lighting: Please make sure you are able to turn your lights up as far as they will go for our events.


Please fill out the following application form to apply to be a Cork n Canvas Iowa venue!

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