Cork N Canvas Iowa is a mobile art studio,  we bring all the supplies to your location (private room, inside please), you will be guided through a step-by-step process as you recreate not only canvas art but we also provide supplies and instructions to craft projects.  For more information about each project below please call 319-929-4300 or email  For Craft Project please no last second classes, 2 to 4 weeks in advanced is requested to get supplies ready for your party.  


Drawstring Backpack, Backpack size 14½" × 13½"  

Any 12"x12" design can be accommodated to paint on the back pack.  $20 per painter Great for kids ages 8 + or even adults will have fun painting on this. Min 15 painters for a private party. 

1 Boards layout.jpg

Welcome Sign

size 5' × 11"  

5 foot Winter Welcome Porch Sign (more designs coming soon). $45 per painter. Min 10 painters for a private party. 

Flower Pot Candy jar

 size 12" × 6"  

Halloween Candy Jar, includes all the supplies except for the candy, about 3 hr project - MUST sit and dry for about 30 to 60 min after completed for glue to dry.  Other seasons & designs available please ask. $25 per painter  Min 10 painters for a private party. 

Soap & Tissue Dispenser

Pint & Quart Mason Jars 

Distressed Painting soap & tissue mason jars includes all supplies, colors are neutral colors, yellow, tan, aqua...  $20 per painter.  About 2.5 hr class.  Min 15 painters for a private party. 


Dish Cloth 

Knitting 101 perfect for beginners.  Includes ball of yarn, knitting needles and institutions (about 2 hr class) you will be starting your project but will need to keep knitting once home.  $15 per knitter. Min 5, max 15 people for a private party. 

Keep an eye out 

for more craft projects 

Also please feel free to make a suggestion.